Project number: 2009-325
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $3,330.27
Principal Investigator: Fraser Perry
Organisation: Recreational Fishing Alliance of NSW
Project start/end date: 21 Jan 2010 - 21 Jan 2011


Finland has one of the highest participation rates in the world. It also has extremely sophisticated fisheries management and licensing schemes. This project will contribute to the development of the applicant by providing extended exposure to one of the world's most advanced recreational fisheries management systems. This will provide insights into the social, economic and environmental contribution of fishing in Finland that may lead to improvements to fishing in Australia. The applicant will be better placed to participate in, and contribute to, the better management of fisheries.

This project will strengthen participation in recreational advocacy by fostering the personal development of an identified Future Leader through exposure to diverse fishing experiences, an expanded knowledge base, a broader fisheries related network and a better understanding of co-mangement and ecologically sustainable development.


1. To travel to Finland and enhance the personal development of the applicant
2. To study the management of fisheries in fresh and saltwater
3. To study the fishing licensing requirements and implementation
4. To study the fisheries compliance and education systems
5. To study the promotion and enhancement of recreational fishing
6. To investigate the interaction between conservationist and fishers, and the promotion of responsible fishing
7. To report the above findings to recreational fishing groups and fisheries managers

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