Project number: 2009-731
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $21,655.00
Principal Investigator: James Fogarty
Organisation: Shearwater Consulting Pty Ltd
Project start/end date: 30 Jun 2009 - 15 Oct 2009


The workshop identified and agreed that the following were high priorities to address:

1. Consumer needs and Supply Chain Implementation. This would include National supply chain analysis,CRC Communal projects, evaluation of previous market development strategies, and the Retail Revolution suite of projects.

2.Quality Assurance programs. This would include a wild catch standard, black spot management and further negotiation on cadmium levels with the EU.

3. Industry Communication. This would continue retailer training and industry feedback. It would also identify potential students for masters or Phd studies and other CRC programs such as the entrepreneurship program.

4. Product and Process innovation: Develop a process to enable ACPF members to get matching investment (cash) for innovation projects.


1. To have at least 3 high priority projects for ACPF contracted by 31 October 2009
2. To establish the R&D planning and priority setting capability within the ACPF by 31 October 2009

Final report

ISBN: 978-1-925982-35-0
Author: James Fogarty
Final Report • 2011-02-24


Since its inception the Seafood CRC had a budget of approximately $3m available for R&D projects on behalf of its member, the Australian Council of Prawn Fishers (ACPF). However, at the start of the CRC, the ACPF had a number of problems that ensured no sustained effort would be applied to creating projects within this budget. These were a total lack of funding to source administration assistance or travelling expenses to organise meetings.

Therefore, the CRC began assisting the ACPF to modernise their constitution and canvassed the whole of the Australian prawning industry to identify projects that industry bodies felt were relevant to their operations. As a result, this project identified a number of projects that have been completed by the CRC, the creation of a regular industry R&D Forum and the ACPF now has a new Board of Directors.

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