Project number: 2010-230
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $67,500.00
Principal Investigator: Dave Donald
Organisation: Barradave Sportfishing Services
Project start/end date: 3 Jul 2011 - 27 May 2012


Modern tourism markets are hungry for indigenous content and Cape York Peninsula (CYP) has the
potential to become a leader in catering to these markets. Figures from the Coen Biosecurity vehicle counter reveal a 250% increase in traffic on CYP in the past 5 years, a statistic that indicates the time is right for indigenous communities to become involved. There is an urgent need for enterprise development opportunities to be identified and potential personnel to be supported.
All government and community agencies approached agreed that addressing this need is long overdue and requires immediate action. This has to be achieved within the constraints of seasonal conditions that severely restrict CYP access from December to May each year.
Recreational fishing tourism has already been identified by various surveys as having major economic
importance on CYP, particularly to the Weipa and Northern Peninsula Area (NPA) economies. Extending this market based on the capacity to build on the knowledge and experience of local indigenous people has already been suggested by visiting clientele in anticipation of an enriched CYP fishing experience.
Similar enthusiasm has been shown from those involved in ecotourism orientated activities, that, for the purposes of this report, will be included with recreational fishing tourism, given that infrastructure is often shared.
Establishing a comprehensive data base that would provide a platform for government and communities to address the empowerment of CYP indigenous communities via recreational fishing and ecotourism opportunities is obviously a significant step in getting the process underway and should be completed at the earliest opportunity - the 2011 dry season.
This confirms the tactical nature of this project that seeks to investigate, identify and document current and future opportunities leading to the development and coordination of an indigenous recreational fishing tourism market sector for Cape York Peninsula.


1. To identify indigenous enterprise development opportunities within the fishing charter and associated tourism industry on Cape York Peninsula and Torres Strait
2. Identify current indigenous tourism industry status
3. To identify trends and opportunities for indigenous tourism on Cape York Peninsula and Torres Strait
4. To identify barriers and solutions to indigenous tourism on Cape York Peninsula and Torres Strait
5. To recommend solutions to the development of Cape York Peninsula and Torres Strait tourism that are both general and community specific

Final report

ISBN: 978-0-646-58354-9
Author: David Donald

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