Project number: 2010-713.30
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $0.00
Principal Investigator: Joanne Freeman
Organisation: Tas Prime Oysters Pty Ltd
Project start/end date: 14 Mar 2010 - 29 Jun 2010


China is a significant market for end user participants within the Seafood CRC and one where significant investment is already directed (ACA China project). China is a rapidly growing and rapidly changing market providing many challenges to Australian's wishing to develop a sustainable business relationship. The traditional supply routes to China are changing as are the consumer desires and buying patterns.

There is a need to develop both a research capacity and an industry skill base to enable the rapidly emerging opportunities for Australian seafood exports to China to be realised. This project proposes a China field trip involing high calibre final year international business students and CRC industry members who are or have the capacity to export ot China. The field trip will be complemented by a formal education framework to enable both a commercial and academic perspective to be taken. The team as a whole (industry participants and students research team) should gain a greater awareness of the role and significance of the Chinese Seafood industry specific to the Australian seafood industry. The market field research will provide industry participants and students with the ability to compare and contrast markets (Australia and China) and to prepare actionable interpretive reports based on research findings. Furthermore, industry and students will attain an appreciation of a foreign culture as well as an awareness of cross cultural influence on business relevant to the seafood industry.

The academic research team has already gained insight from the South Korean pilot field trip and are now in a more informed position to map and plan the strategy for this proposed field trip that will better assist Seafood CRC members and provide students with a more holistic workplace integrated learning experience. .

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