Project number: 2011-401
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $54,000.00
Principal Investigator: Michael Burke
Organisation: Marine Discovery Centre Maclean
Project start/end date: 3 Jul 2011 - 30 Jun 2015


MDCA needs support to assist agencies such as FRDC to deliver key messages to the wider community and industry partners. Other organisations such as OceanWatch Australia, SeaNet, RedMap and a number of universities will also benefit. MDCA is seeking funding to enable 2 representatives from each Centre to cover costs associated with an annual network meeting. Each Centre hosts the annual event at their Centre, in a diverse range of marine bioregions around Australia.

Julie Haldane from FRDC has attended a number of network meetings and Peter Horvat attended the meeting in Queenscliff in 2009.

This application also addresses the following priority questions in the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Plan: Marine Biodiversity and Resources:

1. Aquaculture: many Centres are located in areas supporting aquaculture industries. We are a link with these industries direct to FRDC and provide information to assist them to adapt to climate change impacts.
2. Commercial and Recreational Fishing: Some Centres work closely with industry representatives in community based research projects. The Centres are a central contact point for industry and community members to access data and research results that may address key issues for their specific adaptation needs.
3. Conservation Management: Marine Discovery Centres are well-placed to deliver up-to-date educational material about the changes occuring in the marine and coastal environment.
4. Tourism and recreational needs: As above, MDCs are considered by the tourism industry as a link to important information about the impacts of climate change, both on capital assets as well as the environments in which they operate. All MDCs are located in key coastal regions and are a respected source of key information.
5. Cross-cutting issues: MDCs are central points that link research institutions, Govt agencies, industry and local communities to deliver important adaptation messages.


1. To enable representatives from Marine Discovery Centres across Australia to meet in different marine regions at an annual workshop to share new ideas, educational resources and materials.
2. To identify new resources that will enable MDCs to disseminate essential up-to-date information about adaptation to the impacts of climate change.
3. To provide a vital link of information between industry, FRDC and the wider community.

Final report

Author: Michael Burke
Final Report • 2017-10-02 • 505.19 KB


 Marine Discovery Centres Australia (MDCA) is a network of marine education facilities across Australia that provides high quality education and engagement experiences for the wider community. These learning experiences promote sustainable behaviour in, and stewardship of, our fisheries and aquatic natural resources. Through annual meetings held around Australia, MDCA members were able to gain greater knowledge and understanding of issues affecting our aquatic natural resources and then share this with the Australian community

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