Project number: 2012-209.40
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $123,936.00
Principal Investigator: Alan J. Snow
Organisation: Alan Snow Konsulting
Project start/end date: 27 Sep 2012 - 29 Jun 2014


Use of standard Fish Names achieves outcomes that are consistent with the aims of industry and governments:
1. Reduced mis-reporting improves fisheries monitoring, stock assessment and sustainability.
2. Reduced confusion over fish names increases efficiency in seafood marketing, consumer confidence and industry profitability.
3. Improved accuracy in trade descriptions and labelling enables consumers to make more informed choices when purchasing seafood and reduces the potential for misleading and deceptive conduct.
4. Improved traceability results in more efficient management of seafood related public health incidents (including recalls) and food safety.

The commitment to standardizing Fish Names in Australia has been undertaken since the late 1970s. Strategic investments by the FRDC and SSA leadership on standardizing Fish Names culminated in the development of the Australian Fish Names Standard AS-SSA 5300-2007(AFNS).

Public and consumer confidence is vital to the well being of Australia’s seafood industry. Standard Fish Names remove confusion, strengthen consumer confidence, create market efficiency, underpin effective fisheries monitoring and improve management of food safety.

The AFNS contains agreed names for over 600 commercially important domestic and imported species of fish, and over 4,000 other domestic fish species. The process of assigning these agreed names involved the expertise of several of the world’s best fisheries taxonomists and other key stakeholders.

Development of the AFNS is underpinned by rigorous procedures agreed to by government, industry and other stakeholders and which are administered by SSA and its Fish Names Committee.

SSA is one of only 5 Standards Development Organizations (SDO) accredited by Standards Australia.

SSA has ongoing commitments to Standards Australia (including annual accreditation and audit costs) which must be met to maintain its accreditation as an SDO. Failure to do so will result in the Australian Fish Names Standard ceasing to exist and all files, etc passed on to Standards Australia.


1. 1. Ensure FRDC is accredited by Standards Australia as a Standards Development Organisation.
2. Continually improve the Australian Fish Names Standard AS SSA 5300 and underlying procedures to meet market, regulator and stakeholder needs and expectations.
3. Review and update Fish Names Procedures to incorporate improvements identified in the annual Standards Australia audit and feedback from stakeholders.
4. Improve the Fish Names website including the graphic design, usability and SEO (
5. Provide a Fish Names Hotline service to support the adoption of standard fish names.
6. Promote the usage of Australian Standard Fish Names to the broader seafood industry.
7. Development of an alternative funding mechanism for the Administration of the Australian Fish Names Standard.
8. Undertake activities to further promote the uptake of fish names as agreed with FRDC (additional objective).

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