Project number: 2013-711
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $412,202.00
Principal Investigator: Jayne M. Gallagher
Organisation: Curtin University
Project start/end date: 14 Jun 2013 - 29 Jun 2016


The seafood industry is facing unprecedented challenges (WAFIC 2020 Strategy, FRDC R&D 2015). The networks established by CESSH have laid a strong foundation to attract national and international investment partners. For the first time, the whole industry along the supply chain and post harvest is working together to achieve outcomes that benefit the WA (and national seafood industry) and the health of the Australian population. It is essential that the industry is able to remain viable and indeed grow, within the constraints of an ever changing economic, technological and food security landscape. There is a need for a continued go-to place that the industry can access to gain support to develop new products, investigate novel and improved means of harvest, reduce production costs and provide evidence of the value of consuming seafood. CESSH needs to build on existing strong capacity areas and establish expertise in areas that are currently not available in WA to service the growing and diverse needs of industry. This could afford industry a point of difference in the provision of world class support to answer research and science questions that impact on growth, quality or profitability in a timely fashion, an essential service for a primary industry.


1. Sub Program 1: Waste minimisation and management - optimisation of supply chains to reduce waste
total utilisation of seafood products
and innovative product development from under-utilised species
2. Sub Program 2: Retailer 2020 - Develop an understanding of multi-channel consumer retail environments (current and future trends) to support Australian businesses to capitalise on new and emerging oppoprtunities.
3. Sub Program 3: Food policy research - maintain currency of expertise and knowledge in: regulation of food labelling and food laws
nutrition and health claims
nutritional dietary guidelines and the human health benefits of seafood to inform industry marketing initiatives and nutritional claims
4. Sub Program 4: Research advisory service - Develop a technical advice service to provide assistance along the supply chain
assist and upskill industry to apply for research funds
provide food technology advice (e.g. nutritional composition)
provide health benefit advice to industry (market advantage)
and develop tailored industry and consumer resources.
5. Sub Program 5 - Education, communication and extension - respond to industry post harvest training needs
inform industry of relevant research findings in a variety of formats appropriate to the end-users
and build post harvest research and scientific capacity that is imbedded within the industry.
6. Sub Program 6 - Collaborative manufacturing hub - investigate and trial collaborative manufacturing hubs to reduce costs and maximise efficiencies in developing and commercialising new products

Final report

Author: Professor Alexandra McManus and Dr Janet Howieson
Final Report • 2019-01-01 • 863.24 KB


This report summarises the outputs of Sub-Programs 2-5 of FRDC 2013-711: Centre of Excellence for Science, Seafood and Health. The report focuses on the period between January 2013 and June 2015 after which time the Sub-programs were ceased. The Sub-programs were entitled: Retailer 2020, Food
Policy Research, Research Advisory Service and Education, Communication and Extension. However, in reviewing the research, many of the outputs were common to several of the programs so will be reported in this way rather than under each sub-program.

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