Project number: 2015-210
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $316,094.00
Principal Investigator: Alan J. Snow
Organisation: Alan Snow Konsulting
Project start/end date: 30 Sep 2015 - 30 Sep 2018


Public and consumer confidence is vital to the wellbeing of Australia’s seafood industry.

Standard fish names remove confusion, strengthen consumer confidence, create market efficiency, underpin effective fisheries monitoring and improve management of food safety.

Use of standard fish names achieves outcomes that are consistent with the aims of industry and governments:
1 Improved monitoring and stock assessment enhances the sustainability of fisheries resources.
2 Increased efficiency in seafood marketing improves consumer confidence and industry
3 Improved accuracy in trade descriptions enables consumers to make more informed choices
when purchasing seafood and reduces the potential for misleading and deceptive conduct.
4 More efficient management of seafood related public health incidents and food safety through
improved labelling and species identification reduces public health risk.

The FNC has been set the challenge to
• Improve the marketability of a species while being consistent with the fish naming protocols
• Review the naming protocols to achieve names that increase the economic benefit of Australian seafood
• Engage more with industry top develop innovative fish names
• Improve the linkages between species sustainability and fish names
• Striving to have further uptake of fish names and to mainstream fish names
• All key documents and the AFNS must be in harmony

Within the next decade: the AFNS must
• Be all inclusive
• Meet needs of fisheries managers
• Meet the needs of retailers
• Must be world’s best practice
• A national benchmark for sustainability will be developed

Significant changes have been made to the structure and direction of the FNC to accept a more marketing based focus, and the procedures that drive the FNC to achieve greater efficiencies.

This project will continue to capitalize on this investment


1. Ensure FRDC is re accredited by the Accreditation Board of Standards Development Organisations as a Standards Development Organisation through participation in audits and improved standards development policies and procedures.
2. Continually improve the content of the Australian Fish Names Standard AS 5300 and underlying procedures to meet market, regulator and stakeholder needs and expectations.
3. Continue to promote the usage and uptake of Australian Standard Fish Names to the broader seafood industry and government through strategic submissions and presentations to government in consultation with FRDC
4. Develop and implement an alternative funding mechanism for the administration of the Australian Fish Names Standard min consultation with FRDC
5. Provide an advisory service to all stakeholders on matters related to the content of the AFNS and its usage.
6. Provide services to the Fish Names Committee through administration of the committee and meetings of the committee.

Final report

ISBN: 978-0-9808007-7-7
Author: Alan J Snow
Final Report • 2019-06-01 • 1.48 MB


• Standards Australia audits have all been successful and FRDC operating procedures have been incorporated into the FNC operating procedures.
• Steps have been taken by the FNC to ensure that the approved names in the Australian Fish Names Standard are in harmony with the names used in reporting on the Status of Australian Fish Stocks (SAFS).
• There have been 8 FNC meetings held during the life of this project which has resulted in 100 agreed species names being added to the AFNS.
• The membership of the FNC has been further expanded to ensure a broader representation of stakeholder interests are being met.
• Stakeholder updates are now regularly prepared for distribution to affected stakeholders.
• A Stakeholder Consultation survey was undertaken in November 2018 which had a very high response and showed a high level of confidence in the FNC and its fish names processes.
• Further discussions and strategies developed by the FNC at the Fish Names Workshop held on 26 August 2016 are being held to continually improve the operating procedures of the FNC.
• The Australian Fish Names Standard is now recognised and accepted by all sectors of the Australian seafood industry.
• FRDC as an accredited SDO now has a bigger role in assisting to disseminate information through its vast number of contacts. This further facilitates processes such as public consultation and dissemination of results of final approval of applications.

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