Seafood CRC: Securing the legacy from the Seafood CRC investment in market research and development

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Honey and Fox Pty Ltd

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Jayne M. Gallagher

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While the voluntary contributions to industry marketing is impressive, these marketing initiatives are unlikely to be sustained in the longer term without some form of compulsory levy. To secure on the key CRC legacies and capitalise on market research investments made by the CRC, FRDC and industry there is a need to support "first movers" who are actively attempting to establish compulsory marketing levies that will in turn support ongoing marketing efforts. In December 2013, legislation enabling FRDC to collect and disperse compulsory marketing levies was passed. However, as there are likely to be many issues that will need to be resolved before an industry can satisfy the 12 principles and request the government to strike a levy. The ACA and APFA Boards have both passed resolutions to pursue a levy and have asked the Seafood CRC and FRDC to assist. FRDC have agreed to assist the APFA. The ACA is expected to be a far more complex process involving 5 producing states with inactive and active industry participants and will require significantly more resources and time to achieve success. the CRC Board has agreed to invest company "own funds" to support the ACA to undertake an industry stakeholder engagement process and prepare a levy submission that will satisfy the requirements of the Department of Agriculture and importantly the Minister who will make the ultimate decision as to whether a levy can be struck. The ACA and APFA levy processes will be undertaken concurrently enabling efficiencies to be gained and lessons to be shared. All non commercial in confidence materials will be shared with other industry sectors who may wish to pursue a compulsory marketing levy in the future.


1. To have a compulsory marketing levy struck for Australian wild harvest Abalone, and if requested for Australian prawn farmers by December 2016

2. To assist other seafood CRC participants understand the process for establishing a compulsory marketing levy