Project number: 2016-227
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $102,500.00
Principal Investigator: Emily A. Mantilla
Organisation: Honey and Fox Pty Ltd
Project start/end date: 28 Jan 2016 - 8 Jan 2017


The Australian retailer's network provides a platform in which the FRDC can obtain direct engagement within the sector that is a key research extension and utilisation pathway - not only for consumer insights and marketing research but also for communicating and interacting with the consumer on issues such as fisheries sustainability and food safety. The retailers are the "consumer face" of the industry so as the industry, with the assistance of the FRDC, begins it's marketing journey the Australian Seafood Retailers Network will become a key piece of research extension and utilisation infrastructure as well as a pathway for industry marketing initiatives.

There is now also the need to evaluate the existing network and look at ways the network could move towards a more self-funding model in 2017.


1. To trial and evaluate Australian Seafood Retailers Network as an extension and adoption pathway for FRDC research and industry marketing campaigns
2. To research the effectiveness of different communication mechanisms for extending FRDC research that targets Australian seafood retailers
3. To research options for and develop a business plan for the ongoing funding and management of the FRDC Australian Seafood Retailers Network

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