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Research, Development and Extension Strategic Planning Workshop for NSW Commercial Fishing Industry

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Professional Fishermen’s Association Inc (PFAI)

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Tricia Beatty

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The NSW RAC intention is to utilize each sectors R&D Strategic Plans to form a component of the NSW RAC Plan. The NSW Commercial Fishing R&D Strategic Plan is outdated and no longer relevant. Strategic planning is central to the ensuring funding of research, develop and extension is prioritized and meets industry needs. A five year plan will guide investment in R,D & E, and each year the Fisheries Research Advisory Committee needs to scan its business environment and review its RD&E activities to ensure its portfolio is balanced, well directed and meets the needs of the NSW commercial fishing industry. To ensure that the FRDC's RD&E investment is undertaken with reference to the priorities of the NSW commercial fishing industry a strategic plan must be developed through extensive consultation with key stakeholders and the PFA. The PFA has identified that a industry workshop should be held to understand the research and development needs for the NSW commercial fishing industry and information gaps. The PFA proposes that a R&D Strategic Plan is needed for the NSW commercial fishing industry to ensure relevant and strategic priorities are set for the industry.


1. The development and publication of a Strategic Plan for R&D in NSW that incorporates a process for continuous improvement in the identification of change in R&D priorities and communication between stakeholders.