Project number: 2017-193
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $131,450.00
Principal Investigator: Eric Perez
Organisation: Queensland Seafood Industry Association (QSIA)
Project start/end date: 14 Jun 2018 - 27 Sep 2018


A White Spot Disease R&D Needs Workshop held in Brisbane on Wednesday 18 October 2017 providing a forum to unpack research and other issues amongst industry with respect to the detection of WSSV. The government and industry response at the meeting demonstrated gaps in the wild harvest sector’s knowledge of biosecurity concepts.

There is a need to greatly increase industry capacity to respond to biosecurity threats. This project proposal is a people development project aimed at extending the work of the BILO and significantly boost industry preparedness.

The purpose of this project application is to address the information and education gaps identified amongst the wild catch commercial fishing sector. In consultation with industry stakeholders and the QSIA, Millstream Productions have been approached to developed a series of video clip production plans (attached to this application).

The Biosecurity Act 2014 (Qld) section 23 sub-sections states that industry businesses have an obligation (a general biosecurity obligation) to take all reasonable and practical measures to prevent or minimise the biosecurity risk. This project will help industry to do this by offering an information platform that is tailored to industry needs and will provide video and written material to educate industry regarding its biosecurity obligations.

This project has broad based support from industry, biosecurity experts and government (letters of support attached).

1) Industry – Marshall Betzel, President, Queensland Seafood Marketers Association (QSMA).
2) Biosecurity experts – Dr Matt Landos and Dr Ben Diggles.
3) Government – Dr Stephen Wesche, Planning and Policy Manager, White Spot Disease Program, Biosecurity Queensland, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

The project compliments the work developed by the BILO. The linking of paper and video material will provide industry with multiple platforms to engage on the critical issue of biosecurity.


1. Increase the Queensland and national wild capture fisheries preparedness in the event of biosecurity emergencies.
2. Provide an information and education platform (using QSIA's web presence) to industry.
3. Provide video biosecurity material to industry to enhance BILO written biosecurity material.
4. Deliver biosecurity information developed by industry, government and biosecurity experts.


ISBN: Not provided
Author: Eric Perez
Report • 2019-02-01 • 793.37 KB


This report addresses an information and education need amongst the wild catch commercial fishing sector regarding biosecurity preparedness. In doing so, the project has led to the production of three information/education videos. The first and second videos focussed on the importance of biosecurity from a wild harvest and post-harvest perspectives featuring commentary from industry, researchers and government. The final animated video focuses on identifying key terms, industry responsibility as it relates to biosecurity, the role of the State and Federal governments.
The report outlines the process used to develop the videos. Combined, the videos lay a foundation for a better understanding of biosecurity issues from a seafood supply chain perspective.

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