Project number: 2017-239
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $61,448.16
Principal Investigator: Johnathon Davey
Organisation: Seafood Industry Victoria Inc (SIV)
Project start/end date: 14 May 2018 - 30 Dec 2019


The Australian Seafood Industry operates in a diverse and dynamic environment and although the volume produced in Australia is small by world standards, the value and quality of our product and sustainability of our practices are globally recognised. For the Seafood Industry to continue to be a world leader in seafood production and quality there must be an opportunity to learn from each other and plan for the future. We must also use the event as an opportunity to generate media interest and recognition for the broader seafood industry.

The role of Seafood Directions is to provide a significant opportunity for fishers, managers, researchers, industry representatives and others who work in support of the industry, to examine key contemporary and strategic issues and develop blueprints that will ensure a sustainable, profitable and socially resilient seafood industry in Australia.

The need for Seafood Directions is indicated by the ongoing support of key stakeholders of the seafood industry, as is evident by the level of industry sponsorship and attendance at the conference. We know Australians love seafood, and therefore using the conference to 'showcase' the amazing people and products of the seafood industry will be an important addition to the 2019 conference.


1. Plan and deliver the 11th Seafood Directions Conference in Melbourne VIC
2. Maintain a minimum of 200 registrations of which a minimum of 25% should be Harvesters.
3. Setting the direction for industry led activities and engagement with the community to build support for industry.

Final report

Author: Johnathon Davey
Final Report • 2020-02-01 • 1.62 MB


Over three days in October (9-11) Seafood Industry Victoria (SIV) hosted the 2019 Seafood Directions conference, which brought together hundreds of seafood enthusiasts from across the country and around the world. For the first time the conference was promoted and sold to the public, who joined those involved in the seafood industry and shared opinions, thoughts and suggestions, working together to create an industry workplan that will secure, promote and celebrate Australian Seafood. SIV agreed to take on the hosting of the conference in 2017, on the basis that we were going to ‘shake it up’ and deliver an interactive and engaging forum for all.

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