Budget expenditure: $455,511.46
Project Status:
Principal Investigator: Heidi J. Mumme
Organisation: Mi-Fish Consulting Pty Ltd
Project start/end date: 14 Jul 2019 - 29 Sep 2022
Water Quality
Atlantic Salmon


Proposed salmon aquaculture expansion in Storm Bay has created the Tasmanian State Government (PA and EPA) need for a suite of research to be undertaken by CSIRO and IMAS to assist planning and regulation. Given the complexity of the Storm Bay research and implications for Salmon planning and regulation, and necessary community communication, there is a need for ‘Storm Bay Project’ governance and communication support as follows: 1) A Project Manager, to be engaged by FRDC will require a 0.5 FTE role (to be reviewed 6 and 12 months for adequacy and need), will coordinate Project Governance (relating to the IMAS and CSIRO research suite) and provide direct reporting to the Steering Committee, against the agreed work plan on progress, achievements or challenges. The Project Manager will chair the various sub-committees, and manage consultants and communication releases to develop and ensure integration of monitoring and research, delivery of outcomes, and public reporting. The PM will also be responsible for coordinating engagement between the steering committee and independent governance committee. An operational in-direct cost will be needed for computer, stationary, catering and transport costs for the function on the Project Manager. 2) Communication Advisory Sub-committee support as required a) Consultant support is needed to create the Storm Bay Project communication strategy and communication products, 3) Community Reference Group Support as required a) Support for an independent convener is requested to create a Community Reference Group that will provide community input into the Storm Bay Project communication strategy b) A research evaluation of the Community Reference Group outputs is warranted to assess and improve community engagement and communication (Dr Alexander) 4) Tasmanian State Government see the need for the outputs of all 3-research projects to be independent externally reviewed and that the findings be-released into the public domain. Support for an external Independent Review Panel of the CSIRO and IMAS research suite outputs will be sought via a future project extension (proposal to be prepared by the Project Manager).


1. Support Storm Bay Project communication strategy development, public communication and evaluation
2. Provide governance support to the Storm Bay Project
3. Develop a project extension in order to undertake an independent peer review of science outputs from this CSIRO and IMAS research suite

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