National tropical oyster aquaculture workshop - Darwin 2018

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Department of Primary Industry and Resources (NT)

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Matthew Osborne

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Communities, Industry


There is growing interest in farming tropical oysters with several R&D agencies and enterprises involved in projects investigating aspects confronting commercial developments. There is interest from business enterprises and Aboriginal Corporations are seeking culturally appropriate economic opportunities from their land and seas. In addition there is an increased focus on the development opportunities of Northern Australia. Given this situation FRDC is supportive of providing an opportunity for all stakeholders to attend a workshop that will provide a forum to share information on progress and intentions of current and planned tropical oyster farming projects across northern Australia. Such a workshop is needed at this relatively early phase of industry development to inform all stakeholders of each others intentions and issues so collaborative opportunities can be identified. This workshop is needed to inform all stakeholders of current knowledge of these issues, how they are being addressed and develop strategies to effectively overcome them in an efficient and planned manner. FRDC also recognises the opportunity that tropical oyster farming may provide for Aboriginal communities and appreciates the need and benefits of bringing community representatives to the workshop to learn about oyster farming developments and develop linkages to other community groups and technical experts.


1. Bring together representatives from all interest groups to share information on current tropical oyster research and commercialisation projects

2. Identify key information required to progress tropical oyster aquaculture across northern Australia

3. Identify approaches to provide culturally appropriate tropical oyster aquaculture opportunities for indigenous communities