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A market research-driven and co-management approach to developing an industry strategy for the SA Charter Boat Fishery

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EconSearch (Divison of BDO Advisory (SA) Pty Ltd)

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Julian Morison

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Communities, Industry, People


Industry has highlighted a need to address this declining trend through accessing new opportunities. While the fishery is a commercial operation offering a recreational fishing platform, it is not explicitly accounted for in the process of assessing recreational or commercial fishery performance. The need to better understand the needs and wants of the fishery’s client group (recreational fishers) and the capacity of the charter fleet to meet this demand is critical to addressing the continued decline in participation and fishery profitability. Addressing the reasons for the ongoing decline is important if the industry is to improve its economic performance. The fishery has capacity within its resource shares for growth for a wide range of species including key species such as Snapper and King George whiting. Notwithstanding this, there is also a need to explore and develop broader experiences for clients on charter operations other than fishing. Evidence that the project has industry ownership and this application is strongly supported can be found in the attached letter of support from the Surveyed Charter Boat Owners & Operators Association of South Australia (SCBOOASA).


1. Conduct a target analysis on clients who have taken a fishing charter in each area incorporating satisfaction levels, total expenditure levels and suggestions for improvements and new experiences.

2. Quantify the economic impact of the industry to different regions based on client expenditure levels

3. Identify client characteristics and attitudes to help enable the industry to understand what is important to their existing clients, boost satisfaction levels, reach more clients and expand the market

4. Assess the current capacity, willingness and desire of the charter boat fishery to meet existing and projected demand, both qualitative and quantitative.