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Spawning biomass of Jack Mackerel (Trachurus declivis) in the East sub-area of the Small Pelagic Fishery during summer 2019

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SARDI Food Safety and Innovation

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Tim Ward

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This project is needed to ensure that the TAC for Jack Mackerel in the East sub-area of the SPF does not fall from 18,890 t to 9,469 t in 2020/21. A survey to estimate the spawning biomass of Jack Mackerel in the East sub-area needs to be conducted in January 2019 to maintain the stock at Tier 1. Jack Mackerel East needs to stay at Tier 1 to ensure that sufficient catch is available to support the new mid-water trawl operation that has recently been established off Ulladulla. Fish taken by this operation are needed to sustain the new fish processing factory recently established in the region by Ridleys.


1. To conduct ichthyoplankton and trawl surveys in the East sub-area of the SPF during January 2019. (Note: amended to January-February 2019)