What the report is about?  The report aims to assist the Southern Rock Lobster (SRL) industry with refining the live export supply chain to China
Budget expenditure: $213,979.00
Project Status:
Principal Investigator: Peter Liddell
Organisation: KPMG Australia Melbourne
Project start/end date: 4 Aug 2019 - 7 Nov 2019
Supply Chain
Southern Rock Lobster


The majority of Southern Rock Lobster harvest is exported to Asian markets – 95% of Australia’s 2,986 tonne harvest lands in these countries. However, these lengthy supply chains require enhancement, to protect the sensitive and temperature-dependent product and ensure that the end consumer receives a premium product. With price directly correlated to quality of the lobster, ensuring that a high-quality product is received by the end consumer has direct financial outcomes for Southern Rock Lobster stakeholders back in Australia.

The lobster processor does not control the supply chain, and loses visibility when the product is delivered to the freight forwarder. Brand image and product quality are being impacted by the inconsistencies in the packing and transporting of product. Recent developments in technologies, logistics, techniques, and best practice could transform the cold chain to ensure greater visibility and consistency of Southern Rock Lobster supply to Asia. Understanding best practice cold chain practices from other industries is crucial to upgrading the supply chain for Southern Rock Lobster to ensure product flows quickly and remains under strict temperature control. Each leg and handover needs to controlled, consistent and focused on quality to the end consumer.

Therefore, this cold chain review has been commissioned to investigate ways to improve the integrity of the end to end cold chain and reduce time to market. A consistently fresher less spoiled product will earn higher prices and build brand reputation for all Southern Rock Lobster members. The review will consider the use of better technologies for fresh food transport and handling. The review will also advise on policies and regulations to drive conformance and compliance.


1. Develop a full understanding of the supply chain for Southern Rock Lobster into export markets, to be able to pinpoint the key challenges faced in ensuring quality and maintaining temperature control.
2. Understand the range of options for improvements to the export cold chain, considering best practice, technologies and efficiencies. This will include opportunities for temperature control, regulatory reforms, and collaborative infrastructure.
3. Identify the innovations and initiatives likely to have the most significant impact on the quality of Southern Rock Lobster exports, and practically prioritise for these for future implementation.

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