This report provides a detailed characterisation, assessment and prediction of the meteorological and oceanographic conditions that will be encountered by, and have the potential to impact, future petroleum activities in the Great Australian Bight
Budget expenditure: $21,261.00
Project Status:
Principal Investigator: Charles E. James
Organisation: University of Adelaide
Project start/end date: 6 Aug 2019 - 21 Oct 2019
Social Acceptability
Oil And Gas
Climate Change
Southern Bluefin Tuna


The Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna Association (ASBTIA) operates in shelf and offshore waters of the Great Australian Bight (GAB). In recognition of the exposed nature of the offshore GAB environment, ASBTIA have requested information to better understand the climatology of the physical meteorological and oceanographic conditions which contribute to the ‘sea-state’ and ocean conditions at a deep water petroleum permit location in the Great Australian Bight.

This project will provide the oceanographic services required to identify, access and analyse long-time series of relevant met/ocean parameters and statistically describe their climatology in order to better understand the ‘sea state’ characteristics of the GAB and how they compare with sites located within other international oil production regions.


1. To understand the exposure and sea-state of the Great Australian Bight relative to three other regions of interest.
3. For each location and parameter (detailed in methods), provide a summary of monthly sea-state climatology described by the mean, variance, frequency and intensity.
3. For each location and parameter, determine of the probability of extreme events to occur at fixed return periods.

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