Budget expenditure: $20,210.00
Project Status:
Principal Investigator: Leo X. Dutra
Organisation: CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere Hobart
Project start/end date: 20 Dec 2020 - 19 Dec 2021
Resource Access And Allocation
Tropical Rock Lobsters
Sea Cucumbers


Traditional inhabitants from Torres Strait partly or fully own fisheries in the region. In addition to owning or
working in fisheries businesses, some individuals are occasionally involved in research and play a key role in sustainably managing living resources in the region, with several i serving as members on Resource Management Groups (RAGs), Working Groups or in reviewing scientific research proposals as part of the TSSAC. It is therefore important to ensure industry members are up to date with recent developments updated information about fisheries from around the world and are prepared to participate and present their work in these international fora.

This proposal seeks to build capacity in the Torres Strait Fisheries Industry through the active engagement of industry members and CSIRO scientists transferring and sharing knowledge to collaboratively prepare and deliver scientific talks for three major international fisheries-related conferences:
• Marine Socio-Ecological Systems Conference (Japan),
• World Fisheries Congress (Adelaide),
• 12th International Conference and Workshop on Lobster Biology & Management (Fremantle)).

This opportunity will also deepen understanding of scientific approaches and exposure to the latest scientific and technological advances and build capacity of Torres Strait Industry Representatives through co-authoring talks with CSIRO researchers and attending international fisheries conferences to facilitate knowledge exchange and networking.


1. Provide opportunities to Torres Strait Industry Representatives to learn about latest developments in fisheries research and management and build capacity through co-authoring talks with CSIRO researchers and attending international fishries conferences

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