Project number: 2021-032
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $17,200.00
Principal Investigator: Rachael A. Marshall
Organisation: NineSquared
Project start/end date: 18 Nov 2021 - 30 Jan 2022


Through consultation with Oysters Australia (OA), NineSquared feels that the oyster industry would significantly benefit from a targeted understanding of what opportunities exist in the carbon neutral and environmental accounting space and how they specifically apply to the industry, the benefits, and path to implementation.
This approach would include:
• Development of strategic advice for the industry as a whole
• Outline current options available to industry and accreditation pathways
• Summarise value to the industry as well as the individual farmer and identify/discuss any limitations.
• Understand any existing research limitations in progressing towards accreditation

This work aligns with the objectives of Oysters Australia Strategic Plan- Program1,2 and 4 as well as the FRDC Blue Carbon Report in progressing investigations into opportunities for sustainable and carbon neutral aquaculture


1. Provide strategic advice to Oysters Australia - identifying opportunities and associated value for the Australian Oyster Industry in Carbon Neutral Accreditation and Environmental Accounts.
2. Produce communication material for use by Oysters Australia that succinctly communicates opportunities in the carbon neutral and environmental accounting space to growers in an engaging format

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