Project number: 2022-132
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $103,930.00
Principal Investigator: Jo Kelly
Organisation: Australian Sustainable Seaweed Alliance
Project start/end date: 23 Feb 2023 - 6 Jul 2023


The project provides support for ASSA to undertake preparation activities in advance of receiving an $8.0m grant from the Federal government (late May/early June 2023). The duration of the grant is approximately 2 years and includes $6.18 million expenditure aligned to the NHN. Given the tight time frames for what is expected to be a relatively complex capital and human resource intensive NHN build, the earlier the consultation and planning phase can be completed the better. Currently there are a number of public and private research organisations conducting research on Asparagopsis aquaculture and the application of Asparagopsis derived products for methane reduction. In order to maximise the industry development impact of grant funding may have, it is imperative that the current research initiatives are compiled and reviewed to identify potential information and opportunity gaps prior to the grant being issued. Engaging a SME to review Asparagopsis R&D and provide expert consultation on the conceptualisation and NHN will improve the prospects for the eligible grant activities to be achieved within the stipulated grant duration (until 31 March 2025).


1. Review Asparagopsis R&D across the supply chain from production to application
2. Develop a plan that details investments in the ASSA National Hatchery Network until 31 March 2025

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