Project number: 2022-203
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $69,825.00
Principal Investigator: Patrick Gilmour
Organisation: First Person Consulting
Project start/end date: 26 Jun 2023 - 29 Jul 2026


The FRDC’s Capability and Capacity Building Plan identifies three objectives:
• Investing in people to strengthen capability and capacity, showcasing career and development pathways to enable and empower our future workforce.
• Establishing shared principles, values and trust through new ways of working to enable culture change and adoption.
• Developing confidence, resilience and courage to solve problems manage uncertainty, respect and support each other.
In turn, the plan outlines a range of initiatives the FRDC is investing in to achieve these objectives.
One of the key needs under the plan is to monitor and evaluate capability and capacity building initiatives to showcase impact, identify lessons and adapt and improve. This proposal outlines First Person Consulting’s (FPC) proposed approach to developing a framework to evaluate the FRDC’s capability and capacity initiatives.


1. We understand the key objective of this project is to develop an evaluation framework that can be applied to capability and capacity initiatives to:• showcase impact and change• fulfill FRDC’s performance reporting requirements• identify lessons and insights that can help improve initiatives and investment decisions

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