Project number: 2023-089
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $134,589.09
Principal Investigator: Jenny Cook
Organisation: Brentwood Kitchens Pty Ltd trading as Jenny Cook Consulting
Project start/end date: 30 Nov 2023 - 27 Jun 2024


Developing the capability and capacity relating to fisheries management is crucial to enable a sustainable fishing industry and a viable fishing and aquaculture community.

Current global, national and jurisdictional workforce challenges are impacting on attracting and retaining capable fisheries managers, with a growing need to build entry level capability with new entrants and those transitioning into fisheries management. Additionally, the need to inform and educate stakeholders about fisheries science and fisheries management continues to increase as changes to regulations and operations occur, impacting on license to operate, undertake strategic business planning and necessitating capabilities enabling negotiation, collaboration and stakeholder engagement.

In collaboration with Ian Knuckey, FRDC and end users, this project will design and develop a road map to build and pilot a Fisheries Management: From Science to Sustainable Practices program. This approach will increase access and reach in terms of stakeholder engagement/end users, building capability and capacity in fishing and aquaculture community beyond current learning opportunities. Learning will be accessible to a range of cohorts and via industry structures requesting access to fisheries management training and development, specifically harvest strategies and stock assessment. The project will enable different approaches to learning to be explored by FRDC and available stakeholders including self-directed (on demand), hybrid and face to face workshops via extension.

This project provides an opportunity to ensure DAWE/DAFF investment is leveraged, to think differently on utilising resources to build fisheries management capability and move towards a learning hub approach to build capability and capacity. The project will provide a flexible learning journey pathway for a variety of end users which is clear, can be personalised and aligned to enabling continuous capability and capacity development, providing a structured approach capable of future growth.


1. Transition and enhance learning resources to improve awareness, access and applicability to enable capability development
2. Develop clear learning and development pathways with and for diverse, identified audiences
3. Build individual and collective capability and capacity within the fisheries community
4. Enable effective learning and knowledge transfer through varied modalities, catering to different learning styles that foster engagement

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