Project number: 2023-112
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $370,000.00
Principal Investigator: Sarah Castellanos
Organisation: Agricultural Innovation Australia Ltd (AIA)
Project start/end date: 30 Jan 2024 - 29 Sep 2024


AIA is in active conversations with a private sector consortium. These discussions continue to validate AIA’s approach and solution design. They see clear efficiencies in bringing the RDCs’
commodity-specific carbon research and knowledge together and want to be able to include this type of carbon footprint solution in their own client service offerings.

They are concerned about growers’ lack of preparedness to respond to increasing pressures around demonstrating their carbon footprint and have confidence in a not-for-profit company
like AIA housing the solution and being trusted by growers.

There is acknowledgement that Australia is in a prime position to get this right from the start and avoid the duplication and fragmentation that other countries are now facing.

There were 13 RDCs participating in this phase, involving over 120 interviews across multiple commodities/sectors.
Insights gathered include:
• Many growers are operating mixed enterprises or are keeping that option open to manage risk into the future.
• Concerns include market access, social license, environmental impact.
• Most see a level of reporting required in the near-to-medium future, related to pressure from supply chains, finance or insurance sectors.
• They want the ability to understand and make decisions for their enterprises before regulatory or supply chain pressures intensify.
• Recognition of the need to bring all commodity calculators into one, consistent platform.

These insights speak to the growing importance of and need for the solution approach that AIA is taking.

A Discovery Insights Report, including a specific fishing and aquaculture report, was provide to FRDC in May 2023.


1. To develop core infrastructure, being the digital infrastructure required for the initial integration and digitisation of calculators for access and use through the platform
2. To access calculators through the Platform updates recommended by the Technical Advisory Panel and approved by the Governance Group
3. To maintain the Platform to September 2024.
4. To supply resources to support communication of the Platform with FRDC levy payers
5. To integrate with Olrac, Deckhand, Catchlog and an aquaculture farm management software provider

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