Published: 20 February 2023 Updated: 23 February 2023

What's been happening?



Project update – March 2022

29 Mar, 2022

Recreational fishing is an important activity in Australia, both socially and economically. It is also likely to provide wellbeing benefits. The Australian Government, through the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation...


ImageWhat we discovered from the last survey

15 Apr, 2020

The first National Recreational Fishing Survey innovated new, comprehensive methodology at the time and resulted in establishing best practice for surveys of its kind. This methodology is still the standard used in...


ImageSampling The Population — How it’s done

2 Apr, 2022

Many people ask how you can survey only a relatively small number of people and then say you know something about a whole population, such as all recreational fishers in Australia… or particular types of...