Project number: 1986-066
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $0.00
Principal Investigator: John Nell
Organisation: NSW Department Of Primary Industries
Project start/end date: 28 Jun 1988 - 31 Dec 1989


1. Determine optimal conditions for spawning, larval survival & spat settlement of Pacific oyster in Port Stephens
2. Strain numbers & seasonal distribution of Pacific & Sydney Rock oyster larvae
3. Distribution, abundance, age composition in NSW growing areas
seasonal gonad & meat
potential for QX & winter mortality resistance

Final report

Author: John A Nell and Caroline J Mason
Final Report • 1989-12-21 • 14.32 MB


Virtually all of the research in the orginal 'Pacific oysters in New South Wales' grant (FIRTA 86/66; DAN11Z) application (1986-1989) was carried out. The major objectives of the grant were as follows:

  • Determination of the optimum conditions for spawning, larval survival and spat settlement of the Pacific oyster currently present in Port Stephens.
  • Assessment of the numbers and seasonal distribution of Pacific and Sydney rock oyster larvae in Port Stephens.
  • Determination of the present distribution, abundance and age composition of Pacific oysters in the oyster growing areas of New South Wales.
  • Establish if possible, by electrophoresis, the strain of the Pacific oyster now abundant in Port Stephens.
  • Comparison of seasonal changes in gonad and meat condition of adult Pacific and Sydney rock oysters in Port Stephens.
  • Monitoring of Sydney rock oyster spat put out on commercial leases to determine the potential for breeding QX and 'winter mortality' resistant oysters. These spat were produced at the Brackish Water Fish Culture Research Station by staff employed on the FIRT 81/2 grant.

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