Project number: 1998-341
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $71,825.00
Principal Investigator: Roger Edwards
Organisation: South Australian Rock Lobster Advisory Council (SARLAC)
Project start/end date: 21 Jun 1998 - 30 Dec 2000


The changing marketplace and production profile of rock lobster internationally dictates that the Australian rock lobster industry applies state of the art technology in management, research and development, if we are to maintain a competitive position and grow the value of the limited resource.

At present no vehicle exists to allow industry an effective interchange of ideas or to consider leading edge research and development from around the globe. Essentially the Australian lobster industries operate in isolation, disjointed by State borders.

The Tri-State Southern Rock Lobster Conference has historically seen ad hoc attempts made to bring industry together. The conference has evolved into a quasi national event with representatives from most States and New Zealand in attendance, although the primary focus on the jasus edwardsii lobster remains a deficiency.

An outcome of the most recent Tri-State Conference, was a call for a National Lobster Conference including all States and species not covered, to establish a forum for industry Australia wide to make a start at building a national focus on management, marketing, development and problem solving.

At present information flow in these areas are localised trickles at best and the industry has a responsibility to upgrade its role in information exchange.


1. Provide an International Class Lobster Industry Congress
2. To Ensure a Financially Viable Event

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