Project number: 1999-369
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $35,846.47
Principal Investigator: Peter D. Nichols
Organisation: CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere Hobart
Project start/end date: 6 Sep 1999 - 24 Mar 2002


To maximise the return to fishers and wider areas of the Australian fishing industry better use of existing resources is needed. Southern fisheries have recently seen development of several marine oil based products. The potential may exist for a similar approach with northern fisheries, in this case specifically northern sharks.

Presently there is to our knowledge little information available on the oil composition of the livers from northern sharks. A prerequisite therefore in the consideration of the development of possible marine oil products is the characterisation of the oil resource. The proposed pilot project aims to address this key need. The proposed research aims to assist the fishing industry maximise the return on northern and other shark species at whatever levels are determined to be sustainable.


1. Characterise liver oils from northern sharks (NT, WA, Qld), including examining possible changes with location, season and other factors. The key components to be examined will be the omega-3 PUFA and vitamins.
2. Provide initial comment on the potential commercial usefulness of the liver oils from northern sharks.

Final report

ISBN: 1-876-996-05-6
Authors: Peter Nichols Mark Rayner and John Stevens

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