Project number: 2001-305
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $26,414.90
Principal Investigator: Mike Tokley
Organisation: Abalone Industry Association Of SA Inc
Project start/end date: 6 May 2001 - 30 Jun 2002


Australian abalone currently enjoys a relatively strong position in the market through steady demand for product. This will only continue as long as the resource is sustainable. Industry will benefit through the application of leading edge or state of the art technology and world's best practices in management, research and resource protection.

Presently no mechanism exists for effective interchange of ideas, or to consider leading edge technology, or to benefit from learning of the trials and tribulations other State's have experienced. This convention will present excellent opportunities for communications with contacts from all over the globe.

Other similar conferences, symposiums appear to focus more on the technical aspect of management and research with little or no input from industry for industry concerns. The notion for a national convention evolved when a number of abalone industry members met at the FishRights99 conference in Fremantle and the 4th International Abalone Symposium in Cape Town.

There is a need for all States to be involved in a national forum and for industry Australia wide to focus on management, marketing, R & D issues, resource protection and commence formulating national plans or strategies to focus on achieving the desired outcomes.


1. To host a successful Australian Abalone Convention
2. To maximise the transfer of information for the promotion of the most cost effective and efficient ways to deal with common issues.
3. To secure an economically viable event
4. To formulate a national plan dealing with common issues facing Australian abalone fisheries management.

Final report

Author: Michael Tokley
Final Report • 2002-04-14 • 296.18 KB


In 2000, every State Abalone Industry Association agreed to support the Inaugural National Abalone Convention with an amount of $2,500 sponsorship and the Abalone Industry Association of SA Inc. pledged to donate $10,000 as host.
South Australia created an environment conducive to hosting the inaugural event, coupled with immense support from industry, sponsorship, hard work and determination of everyone involved.
Final Report • 2002-04-14 • 5.10 MB
2001-305 Proceedings.pdf


The Convention Proceedings document provides a record of the events, as well the list of any actions that need to be addressed in the future by a national forum of some structure. The Convention's Proceedings were distributed to all delegates, speakers and sponsors within three months after the Convention's conclusion. ISBN's were secured for both the printed material and the CD ROM that went with it.

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