Project number: 2008-759
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $7,085.80
Principal Investigator: Dean M. Lisson
Organisation: Abalone Council Australia Ltd (ACA)
Project start/end date: 30 Jun 2008 - 30 Oct 2008


The project is needed to assist with networking future leaders from our industry sector at a level that will enhance their ability to deal with issues that the industry constantly faces adn to be confident when new and emerging issues arise.

There are few participants in the wild capture abalone sector and of those who participate, there are fewer still who possess the capacity to take on the role of future leaders and decision makers. As such it is vitally important to engage as many of the current and future industry leaders, from across a broad section of the industry to provide them with an opportunity to network with each other and with people they would not ordinarily associate with. For example the leadership training course consists of potential future leaders from different sectors that probably network and mix with other industry people, researchers and government managers from their own sector, but rarely do they network or mix with people from other sectors to experience a wider variety of issues that others have to deal with.

The 4th National Abalone Convention provides a perfect opportunity to allow members of the wild capture abalone sector and people from other seafood industry sectors to attend and gain an appreciation of the issues being faced, how the fishery is managed and to meet and greet people from different areas of fisheries management.


1. A better understanding by participants of the issues and challenges facing the abalone sector
2. A report produced by the participants dealing with young leaders' approach to implementing the Abalone QA program, the next Abalone convention and any other projects identified in the ACA Strategic Plan
3. A greater appreciation of the benefits of networking with other stakeholders in the industry

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