Project number: 2008-798
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $3,344.10
Principal Investigator: John Carragher
Organisation: SARDI Food Safety and Innovation
Project start/end date: 17 Feb 2009 - 29 Oct 2009


The project aims to a) resolve a lack of direction for the oyster industry's R & D investment and b) provide direction for the industry's growth. In order to construct this it is essential to examine:
• Market development
• Production efficiencies
• Supply chain management
• Environmental sustainability
• Community perception
• Industry structure
• Human capital
• Regulatory environment
• Financial performance

The overarching objective is to facilitate industry growth, value and increase farm profitability, hence the reason for a Business Plan rather than a strategic plan.

The Consortium has purposely named the project ‘Business Plan’ as it needed a plan that;
• is more than a strategic plan confined to R & D purposes
• will contain achievable profitability and growth goals having examined industry financials and other constraints
• will propose models for conducting the future ‘business’ of the oyster industry, one of which is likely to be a new incorporated national entity

Each state has varying levels of strategic plans, some designed for policy direction, others for R&D, but none examine the industry at a national level. To assist industry set future strategies an analysis of the national industry and development of a 5 year business plan is required. The business plan will be used to guide industry advocacy, policy and R&D groups at a state and national level.


1. Provide direction to facilitate industry growth, value and increase farm profitability through a 5 Year Business Plan for the period 2010 - 2014
2. Provide direction for industry R & D, policy and advocacy work through a 5 Year Business Plan
3. Create a 5 Year Business Plan, encompassing Sydney Rock and Pacific Oysters in all oyster producing states, containing a series of national prioritised strategies and objectives in each of the key areas: Market development, Production efficiencies, Supply chain management, Environmental sustainability, Community perception, Industry structure, Human capital, Regulatory environment and Financial performance

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