Project number: 2011-747
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $177,179.94
Principal Investigator: Jayne M. Gallagher
Organisation: Curtin University
Project start/end date: 12 Jun 2013 - 14 Jan 2015


Despite overwhelming support for industry investment to implement the national prawn market development strategy developed by Brand Council (CRC 2011/736), a major aligned industry concern was the inconsistent quality of, in particular wild caught prawns, and how this inconsistency may have the potential to negatively impact the market development activities. The Australian wild catch prawn industry is widely distributed and characterised by variation in geography, target species, operating/harvest systems, size of vessel and operator capabilities. Additionally, there can be high staff turnover, language and cultural differences and literacy issues. This leads to inconsistent product harvesting, brining, cooling, preserving, packaging and grading and/or inappropriate processing, which causes inconsistent product quality. Such quality issues can be exacerbated by poor handling at both retailer and consumer level.

While prawn quality standards have previously been created, there has been little integration, acceptance or uptake of these standards and associated training by indutry More often, standards have been created at fishery, company and vessel level, or are at the request of down chain partners. With considerable industry investment to both develop and implement the national Australian prawn strategy, there is now a greater incentive for the production of a consistent quality product to underpin the Australian prawn strategy messages/activities and ensure the best possible prawn experience for consumers.


1. The Australian prawn market development strategy is underpinned by supply of a consistent, high quality product.
2. To establish, trial, and evaluate the impact of a national, whole of chain, prawn quality program for grading, shelf-life, appearance and provenance of Australian prawns.

Final report

ISBN: 978-0-9925566-4-6
Authors: Dr Janet Howieson Dr Rachel Tonkin Kerri Choo Carol Low Annie Jarrett and Professor Meredith Lawley
Final Report • 2018-11-02 • 1.67 MB


This project, CRC 2011/747, was funded to develop a whole of chain quality assurance program within the prawn industry, focusing on five supply chain stakeholder groups: fishers, processors, wholesalers/distributors, retailers/food service, and finally the consumer. The aim was to increase knowledge and improve best practice skills to maximise prawn quality right through the supply chain. This was considered necessary in light of the “Love Australian Prawns” national marketing strategy.
The wild harvest Australian prawn industry and aligned down chain stakeholders have access to a suite of resources to ensure a consistent, high quality Australian prawn product.
• A consumer information pamphlets circulated to >400 retail outlets in 2014 and 2015 respectively.
• Retail poster circulated to >400 independent retail outlets.
• Online training resource for crew & skippers developed and piloted.
• An agreed set of parameters describing a “quality” Australian prawn.
• Best practice documentation/guides produced for fishers, wholesalers & distributors, retail and food service, and consumers.
• >15 industry and conference presentations
• Two industry magazine articles

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