Project number: 2016-412
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $599,263.33
Principal Investigator: Rachel King
Organisation: Australian Council of Prawn Fisheries Ltd (ACPF)
Project start/end date: 30 Mar 2016 - 29 Jun 2021


This project enables ACPF to co-ordinate, commission and extend its RD&E investments under the 2016-2010 2020 Industry Partnership Agreement with FRDC.
The project follows the success of Seafood CRC project 2010-745 “Australian Council of Prawn Fisheries - R&D planning, implementation, extension and utilisation” in which ACPF partnered in consumer research, agreed on a marketing proposal and began a promotional campaign with industry funds.
To shore up its promotional investment, to continue to build on its outstanding sustainability score card and to translate that investment into stronger social licence, co-ordination and extension is required. This project is the mechanism for achieving those goals.


1. Commission nationally significant, stakeholder driven investments that address priorities in the 2016-2020 RD&E plan
2. Commission stakeholder driven investments, in partnership with prawn fishery jurisdictions, that address priorities in the 2016-2020 RD&E plan
3. Collaborate with other sectors and utilise alternative funding sources to address priorities in the 2016-2020 RD&E plan
4. Enable the industry adoption of RD&E outputs through an Industry Communication Plan
5. Increase community understanding of the sector through a Community Communications Plan
6. Advance wild caught prawn sector people through a People Development Plan
7. Maintain collaboration amongst ACPF jurisdictions through an agreed RD&E plan and investment mechanism post 2020

Final report

ISBN: 978-0-6453312-0-2
Author: Rachel King
Final Report • 2021-09-30 • 1.92 MB


This project enabled the Australian Council of Prawn Fishers to coordinate, commission and extend its RD&E investments under the 2016 2020 Industry Partnership Agreement with FRDC. The report documents the process and plans behind each of the IPA’s programs: Community Engagement, People Development and Industry Communications.   

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