Wild catch Barramundi Workshop to explore future options to improve fisheries

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Queensland Seafood Marketers Association Inc (QSMA)

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Marshall Betzel

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The Wild Caught Barramundi Fisheries in the Gulf of Carpentaria and the Northern Territory are currently the victims of possible market failure. History has shown that catches have not been sufficient to allow the product to maintain its place in the domestic market. This has allowed farmed and imported fish to make inroads into what has tragitionally been wild catch markets. Catches have recently improved to a level close to sustainability but stakeholders have discovered that there traditional markets are no longer available. This has caused a build up of stock and therefore a reduction in revenue. The current situation has created a reduction in quality of the product and a subsequent loss in demand. The product needs to to recapture its identity as an iconic brand .


. 1. Convene a Barramundi stakeholder workshop in Cains on June 29th

2. Identify and agree causes of market failure

3. Confirm participants who will be responsible for Actions agreed