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Precision to Decision Agriculture (FRDC contribution - RRD4P 2016)

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Cotton Research and Development Corporation

Principal Investigator:

Rohan Rainbow

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FRDC Expenditure:



Adoption, Industry


The project will deliver recommendations for the best options, including standards and systems to support the convergence of historical research data that will be integrated with next generation decision support and data collection tools. The project will deliver pathways for industry engagement, investment and future ownership of the tools, measured through agreements for management of producers’ big data platforms. This investment will inform producers, RDCs and government of policy options and operations framework for ownership, management and access to big data including protecting ownership and access rights of big data stakeholders. The investment will deliver a value proposition for producers in the agricultural big data economy. Through this project, producers will increase their knowledge and skills to evaluate ownership and access rights and the value of their data. The project will also deliver improved cross sector industry research collaboration with 15 agricultural industries for the benefit to Australian agriculture.


1. Generating knowledge, technologies, products or processes that benefit primary producers;

2. Strengthening pathways to extend the results of rural R&D, including understanding the barriers to adoption

3. Establishing and fostering industry and research collaborations that form the basis for ongoing innovation and growth of Australian agriculture.