Project number: 2017-249
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $0.00
Principal Investigator: Rohan Rainbow
Organisation: Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC)
Project start/end date: 25 Jun 2018 - 30 Dec 2018


The project will deliver recommendations for the best options, including standards and systems to support the convergence of historical research data that will be integrated with next generation decision support and data collection tools. The project will deliver pathways for industry engagement, investment and future ownership of the tools, measured through agreements for management of producers’ big data platforms. This investment will inform producers, RDCs and government of policy options and operations framework for ownership, management and access to big data including protecting ownership and access rights of big data stakeholders. The investment will deliver a value proposition for producers in the agricultural big data economy. Through this project, producers will increase their knowledge and skills to evaluate ownership and access rights and the value of their data. The project will also deliver improved cross sector industry research collaboration with 15 agricultural industries for the benefit to Australian agriculture.


1. Generating knowledge, technologies, products or processes that benefit primary producers
2. Strengthening pathways to extend the results of rural R&D, including understanding the barriers to adoption
3. Establishing and fostering industry and research collaborations that form the basis for ongoing innovation and growth of Australian agriculture.


Report • 8.64 MB
2017-249 P2D Producer Survey - CSIRO Final Report.pdf


The aim of this project was to benchmark Australian producers’ needs, perceived risks and benefits, and expectations associated with digital agriculture and big data context. Such understanding will inform strategies aimed at 1) better utilising agricultural data to enhance productivity and profitability, and 2) better capitalising on the opportunities created by digital agriculture and big data.
In consultation with P2D project members and participating RDCs, CSIRO designed the survey questionnaire and conducted a survey of 1000 producers across 17 agricultural industries during the period of 7 March to 18 April 2017. The study investigated producers’ needs, perceived risks and benefits, and expectations from three aspects: telecommunication infrastructure, the status of current data collection, and data sharing and concerns in the big data context.
The survey results provides valuable benchmarking data that have helped inform strategies developed in the broader P2D project aimed ensuring that Australian producers can better utilise agricultural data to enhance profitability while protecting their rights.  The survey also identifies producers’ data needs to capitalise on the opportunities created by digital agriculture and big data.

Project products

Report • 8.53 MB
2017-249 P2D Telecommunications - UNE Final Report.pdf


This report introduces the key telecommunications technologies and services utilised, or at least on offer, to Australian producers and a small number of illustrative case studies of producers and service providers. The report also includes a discussion of future opportunities and the provision of recommendations aimed at further enabling Australian producers to realise a big-data future for their farming business.
Report • 1.77 MB
2017-249 P2D Legal Dimensions - Griffith USC Final Report.pdf


Currently, the legal and regulatory frameworks around agricultural data are piecemeal, fragmented and ad hoc. This report, as a part of the P2D project, outlines the current state of data rules dealing with data ownership, access, use, liability and licensing in Australian agriculture and presents recommendations to ensure that the legal and regulatory framework for Australian agriculture is digital and data ready.
Report • 16.20 MB
2017-249 P2D Current and Future State of Data - CSIRO Data 61 Final Report.pdf


This report identifies which datasets and decision-support tools were currently being used across different agriculture sectors and explore where future investment opportunities may exist. The report identifies five main cross-sectoral data types that warranted further analysis. These were soils, weather, imagery, land use and property boundaries. For each of these data types we have documented the key existing datasets, discussed the trends and opportunities and made recommendations about a desired future state.
Report • 1.20 MB
2017-249 P2D D2D CRC BDRA Final Report.pdf


The big data reference architecture (BDRA) provides a framework to assist RDC projects with needs in Big Data collection, storage and analysis. To achieve this, the BDRA guides solution architectures by assisting with requirements definitions and identifying appropriate strategies and design patterns for Agricultural Big Data challenges. The reference architecture can facilitate collaboration between RDCs by creating a common language and approach when addressing Big Data challenges. The reference architecture for Big Data is one element within a wider digitisation strategy that will enable data driven decision making within Australian agriculture.
Report • 15.53 MB
2017-249 P2D Ecomomic Impact of Digital Ag - AFI Final Report.pdf


This report addresses the gap in knowledge about the potential economic costs and benefits of digital agriculture, and their impacts on the Australian economy. This report estimates that the unconstrained implementation of decision agriculture would result in a lift in the gross value of agricultural (including forestry and fisheries) production of $20.3 Billion (a 25% increase on 2014–15 levels) and would have major flow-on effects to other parts of the economy. This research will help guide ongoing investments by government and RDCs in areas that reduce current barriers to decision agriculture. It will also assist with targeting investments in areas in which there is a strong business case or high-impact productivity and profitability benefits for decision agriculture.

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