Project number: 2019-162
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $4,104.16
Principal Investigator: Basia R. Lamb
Organisation: Western Australian Fishing Industry Council Inc (WAFIC)
Project start/end date: 9 Jan 2020 - 30 Mar 2020


The Industry Consultation Unit has been tasked with undertaking the independent facilitation of the Abalone Area 3 Recovery Strategy, which was developed within FRDC Project No. 2018/212, 'Establishing an Industry Recovery Strategy for the Area 3 Zone of the WA Abalone Managed Fishery'.

As a critical component of the development of key decision-making practices, it has been proposed that the Industry Consultation Unit attend the Western Abalone Divers Association Quota Setting Workshop, held on the 15th and 16th of January 2020.

Facets of the Recovery Strategy will be modeled off the Western Abalone Divers Association recovery plan, it would be highly beneficial for the Industry Consultation Unit to attend the Workshop and observe the industry lead decision making process.


1. Establish an industry engagement strategy for the WA Area 3 Abalone Fishery based on the approach used, and knowledge gained, by the Victorian Western Zone Fishery and the Western Abalone Divers Association.

Final report

Author: Basia Lamb and Angus Callander
Final Report • 2020-08-20 • 466.67 KB


The staff of the Industry Consultation Unit travelled in January 2020 to Port Fairy Victoria to attend the WADA 2020 Quota Setting Workshop to gain an understanding of the Western Zones TACC setting process, and formulate a overview of how to better undertake the workshop in Western Australia, specifically for Area 3 Abalone Fishery. In attending the Workshop, the ICU Staff connected with representatives of WADA, Licence Holders and Divers of the Western Zone, and key members of the Victorian Fisheries Authority.

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