Published: 20 June 2021 Updated: 26 July 2021


The FRDC requires that Milestone Reports follow the Milestone Report Template.

Each Milestone Report must report on progress against project objectives as set out in the Project Agreement, unless a variation to a milestone has been previously approved. The Milestone Report also provides an opportunity to raise any issues regarding the project, including opportunities or risks.

Milestone Reports are now submitted through FishNet as per the Submitting deliverables page.

Your report will then be reviewed and you will receive advice on whether your milestone has been approved or further information is required.

Milestone payments

The Project Agreement contains a schedule of payments tied to project deliverables. This schedule describes the milestone due date, amount and details of what is required. Once a Milestone Report has been submitted, the FRDC will review and approve the milestone before paying the associated tax invoice. All milestone invoices should be submitted to with the project number as the ‘subject’.