Published: 18 June 2024 Updated: 26 June 2024
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DATE 26 Jun 2024
FEEDBACK/STORY SUGGESTIONS Dempsey Ward Communication Coordinator +61 2 6122 2134

A groundbreaking project is set to explore the impact of alternative proteins on Australia's fishing and aquaculture sectors and uncover new opportunities to mitigate potential risks, and ensure a sustainable future for our fishing and aquaculture sectors. 

The potential for alternative proteins to revolutionise the food industry has been widely discussed, but what does it mean for Australia's fishing and aquaculture sectors?  

Alternative proteins, which include plant-based, lab-grown, fermented and insect-derived products, promises to offer sustainable solutions to meet the growing demand for food, reduce environmental impact, and provide new business opportunities.  

However, integrating these innovations into traditional fishing and aquaculture poses both challenges and opportunities that require strategic foresight.  

A new FRDC project, led by The Growth Drivers Global, will seek to inform a alternative proteins strategy by diving deep into the complex operating environment of this emerging market. By identifying and understanding possible future states that could arise from this environment, the study aims to provide the fisheries and aquaculture sectors with insights they need to innovate and thrive. 

This project will embark on a comprehensive review of existing research, technologies, regulations, and market dynamics related to alternative proteins. Building on these insights, economic models will be developed to predict various future scenarios and assess their potential impacts. 

Recognising the invaluable insights from those within the sector, the project will also engage participants through field research, contextual interviews, and online workshops. This collaborative effort is crucial for gathering diverse perspectives and validating those findings. The culmination of this project will be an insightful report and a strategic communication plan designed to help the sector understand and act on the new knowledge generated. 

Jennifer Marshall, Acting General Manager of FRDC’s Strategy and Innovation team, emphasised the importance of the project.  

“In a climate of rapid change in how we view, produce and consume food products, taking a strategic footing in how Australia’s fishing and aquaculture sectors approach the future will be a powerful driver for success.” 

Get involved!  

Throughout the research phases, there will be multiple opportunities for engagement. We invite you to share your insights and expertise by participating in interviews and workshops.  

To stay informed and get involved, visit the project website. Here, you can find more detailed information about the project and sign up to be part of the research activities.  

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