Published: 25 March 2024 Updated: 26 March 2024
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DATE 26 Mar 2024
FEEDBACK/STORY SUGGESTIONS Dempsey Ward Communication Coordinator +61 2 6122 2134

Four FRDC initiatives have been officially endorsed by the United Nations Ocean Decade, a bold 10-year campaign to advance and address pressing challenges in world oceans. 

FRDC Capability and Capacity Manager Sally Roberts, says this prestigious distinction highlights the vital role FRDC plays in promoting sustainable fisheries and ocean health.  

“I was thrilled to hear that two of our projects were endorsed by the UN Ocean Decade,” Sally states.  

“This endorsement recognises the outstanding quality of these initiatives and their potential to contribute significantly to the Decade’s bold goals.” 

The endorsed projects are: 

  1. Creating Capability, Capacity and Culture Change program to build capability and capacity across the fishing and aquaculture community, equipping current and future ocean professionals with essential skills and knowledge. 

  1. The Circular Economy Program: Developed alongside the Bega Circular Economy Cooperative Centre, this program champions ‘circular’ solutions for a sustainable future in fisheries and aquaculture.  

  1. Climate resilience for fishing and aquaculture – a diverse set of initiatives to address critical challenges happening across fisheries, aquaculture and environmental sustainability. 

  1. The CSIRO-led ‘Healthcheck’ activates sustainability reporting.  

The projects were selected under the United Nations Ocean Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021-2030 framework.