Published: 7 July 2021 Updated: 17 October 2023
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An Information Publication Scheme has been established under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act). It requires agencies to publish a broad range of information on their websites including an agency plan, information about their organisations and operations, and information accessed in response to FOI applications in a Disclosure Log. This requirement has applied since 1 May 2011.

Information is grouped and accessible through the following classes:

Agency plan

The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation’s Agency Plan outlines how the FRDC is implementing the Australian Government’s Information Publication Scheme.

Organisational Structure and contact details

The organisational structure of the FRDC

Building Address

Fisheries Research House
25 Geils Court
Deakin West  ACT  2600

Postal Address

Locked Bag 222
Deakin West ACT 2600


+61 2 6122 2100

Who we are and what we do

Includes information about the organisation and its structure, governance arrangements, board, executive management team, lines of business, enabling functions, advisory panels and program teams.

Statutory appointments

The Minister for Agriculture selects and appoints the Chair of the FRDC Board. The Executive Director is selected by the Board, and holds office at the corporation’s pleasure.

The Minister appoints a presiding Member. The presiding member calls for nominations for the selection committee from the representative organisations. The selection committee members nominate applicants to be interviewed for positions on the FRDC board. The selection committee via the presiding member put forward recommendations to the Minister for appointment.

The Primary Industries Research and Development Act (PIRD Act) outlines the process for appointment as a director.

FRDC reports and responses to Parliament

Routinely requested information and disclosure log

This includes details of non-personal information the FRDC has released under the FOI Act that can reasonably be released to the wider public. Information in documents to which the FRDC routinely gives access in response to FOI requests will be clearly identified in the Disclosure Log.

Consultation arrangements

Includes information about how a comment may be submitted by members of the public.

The FRDC consults extensively with its stakeholders – the fishing industry, advisory bodies, representative organisations and researchers to tailor its investment portfolio. These consultation processes are described in the Annual Report.

The FRDC welcomes comments through the feedback page on this website.


The following is a list of documents held or published by the FRDC

  • corporate documents—such as the annual report, RD&E plan, annual operational plan, research final reports and FRDC publications including the FISH magazine—which are supplied free to the public on request while stocks are available and/or are displayed on the FRDC’s website
  • industry-specific publications which are supplied free to the public on request while stocks are available, are displayed on the FRDC’s website
  • funding and reporting documents—such as the R&D planning priorities; funding applications; documents related to travel, People Development program awards, bursaries and scholarships and conference sponsorships
  • general administrative documents, including project and personnel files

FRDC Priorities

Includes information on what the FRDC’s priorities are, includes the R&D Plan, AOP and annual reports.

FRDC Finances

Includes information on what the FRDC spends and how it spends it, including financial statements.

FRDC lists

FRDC policies


You can provide feedback, enquiries, questions on our approach or complaints by contacting the FRDC FOI Officer by phone, email or post.

Switchboard +61 2 6122 2100


FOI Officer
Fisheries Research and Development Corporation
Locked Bag 222
Deakin West  ACT  2600