Published: 18 March 2024 Updated: 18 March 2024
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DATE 18 Mar 2024
FEEDBACK/STORY SUGGESTIONS Angela Tsang Digital Communications +61 2 6122 2100

FRDC funding opportunities are now open for researchers and postgraduate students to address priorities identified by the Australian Sustainable Seaweed Alliance (ASSA) and FRDC under the Australian Government Seaweed Initiative.

Applications are invited to address the following RD&E priorities:

  • Review of the potential for blue carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and biodiversity credits for the Australian Asparagopsis seaweed industry 
  • Investigating the Biofilter/Bioremediation potential of seaweed aquaculture, with a particular focus on Asparagopsis 
  • Establish an on-line portal where Australian seaweed industry members can find contact details and useful associated information to facilitate state and federal government permitting of seaweed related activities 
  • Establish an on-line portal containing material that can be used by educators, the industry and media to increase awareness and enhance industry’s social licence to develop and operate Australian seaweed aquaculture 
  • Formulate a comprehensive framework to inform relevant regulatory bodies on safety regulations and legislation pertaining to food, feed, and other forms of bioproducts of Asparagopsis spp. and other seaweeds of key interest to the Australian seaweed industry. 
  • High value bioproduct screening in Asparagopsis 
  • Evaluation of innovative new/novel technologies relevant to onshore Asparagopsis farming and processing 

Submit your applications through our FishNet portal by 4 April 2024, unless otherwise specified.