Project number: 1998-361
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $5,000.00
Principal Investigator: Tanya L. Adams
Organisation: Western Australian Fishing Industry Council Inc (WAFIC)
Project start/end date: 7 Oct 1998 - 26 Mar 2000


WAFIC had identified the need for the development of a series of packages for its members including guidelines on a cyclone contingency plan and liaison with DOT in the development of the short course on Severe Weather and Tropical Cyclone Education. While the Master Class 5 syllabus now contains the short couse module and the short couse module is offered as a stand alone course, a number of fishing vessel operators may not be able to take up the opition of attending the short course.

The area of making informed decisions regarding action when a cyclone is approaching is now only being given the attention it deserves and therefore, there has been some confusion over a number of areas concerning actions in the case of a cyclone. This video provides the latest information and can be beneficial both the new skippers and crew as well as long serving members of industry.

The production of the video to provide an outline of the short course will provide training resources that are currently not available in this format and therefore allows operators to use the video at times convenient to them. The video may also prompt operators to attend the short couses in the future.


1. To educate the commercial fishing industry in matters relating to tropical cyclones and severe weather.
2. To target those groups where there has been or there is the potential for loss of life and property resulting from lack of preparation and knowledge on the dangers of severe weather including the trawl sector of the fishing industry and the pearling industry.
3. To provide pertinent advice to mariners and companies regarding their specific legal obligations under the Duty of Care to provide a Cyclone Contingency Plan.
4. To assist as far as is practicable to prevent a recurrence of the loss of life resulting from contribution factors from accidents concerning cyclones.

Final report

ISBN: 0730757412
Author: Tanya Adams
Final Report • 2000-02-14 • 307.70 KB


Given the tragic history of the results of cyclones off the WA coast with specific regard to the commercial fishing industry, there is now as part of the Master Class 5 syllabus, a tropical cyclone short course for Uniform Shipping Laws Certificates of Competency  and a stand alone optional pre-cyclone refresher for vessels operating north of Geraldton.

In addition to this, all commercial vessel operators north of Geraldton are required to have a cyclone contingency plan for every vessel. 

The course also addresses severe weather which applies along the WA coastline and has application further than just in cyclone areas.

It is also recognised that the commercial fishing industry does not always have access to shore based training services due to long periods at sea and therefore on board training resources were required. This enables vessel owners and operators to meet their duty of care requirements under the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984.

This training video not only services the commercial fishing industry but also the other major areas of commercial vessel operation such as charter vessels and trading.

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