Project number: 1999-340
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $50,000.00
Principal Investigator: Lara Damiani
Organisation: Seafood Council (SA) Ltd
Project start/end date: 1 Jun 1999 - 19 Dec 2000


The Australian Seafood Industry Council has identified a need to hold a biennial national seafood industry conference where the industry can gather in an appropriate forum to discuss and learn about issues of critical nature affecting the industry and to use this forum as a means of providing the basis for future planning and directions. The ASIC have identified the need to hold this conference bi-ennually on an ongoing basis. The ASIC have agreed that the venues for future conferences will be: 2001 Qld, 2003 WA, 2005 NSW.

There are a range of industry needs which have been identified as critical and which a National Seafood Conference can immediately and directly address at a national level.

1. There is a critical need for the seafood industry of Australia to promote itself and it's image.

2. There is also a critical need for industry to address the public's perception of seafood and associated issues such as quality, health benefits and product promotion.

3. There is a clear need for the Australian seafood industry to develop a 'conference culture' at a national level, which is critical to ensuring effective information transfer.

4. Other issues such as training and education, marketing and industry development also have international aspects which could be addressed through attracting international industry delegates to Australia through a conference.

5. There is a need for more extensive communication/interaction within the industry at national level and a national conference will provide an ideal forum for this to occur.

Additionally there is a need for national recognition within Australia's seafood industry of the value of its members and their operations. To promote this culture, the timing of the seafood conference and the fact that it will provide a critical mass of industry people will be the opportunity
to host the Inaugural National Seafood Industry Awards Dinner. This dinner is fully supported and will be fully funded by ASIC with the Project Management Team taking on the responsibility for the organisation of the event.


1. To conduct a national seafood industry conference in Adelaide in October 1999.
2. To use the conference to transfer information regarding critical issues to the seafood industry utilising local and overseas experts.
3. To document the process for planning for future biennial conferences.
4. To obtain clear resolutions from the conference and to use these resolutions to develop national industry policy for the future.
5. To enhance the image of the Australian seafood industry amongst the national and international community by:utilising the Tasting Australia exhibition being held in Adelaide in October 1999 as a national and international seafood trade exhibition and to use this forum for trialing future trade displays for the seafood industry- using the seafood exhibition at Tasting Australia as a means of promoting Australian seafood products and the seafood industry to the general public- using the seafood exhibition as a means of increasing or opening up possible new trade opportunities with invited overseas seafood buyers

Final report

Author: Lara Damiani and Mr Matin Smallridge
Final Report • 2017-09-29 • 257.05 KB


While the Australian Seafood Industry is valued in excess of $2bn, there has never been a national seafood conference in Australia. During 1998, the Australian Seafood Industry Council (ASIC) recognised that a conference would provide opportunities for industry to showcase its advances in recent years, particularly in quality, training, environmental performance and the institutional framework for efficient fisheries management.

It was recognized that a national conference with an international profile would also be an opportunity to promote domestic consumption of Australian seafood by highlighting the quality and health benefits of the products.

During 1998 the South Australian Seafood Industry Development Board was also expressing interest in holding a seafood conference in South Australia in 1999. The two concepts were brought together and the South Australian Government, through the Seafood Industry Development Board, pledged $50,000 to support a national seafood industry conference in Adelaide in 1999. This commitment was made on the condition that the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) match the pledge.

In late 1998, the Australian Seafood Industry Council (ASIC) awarded the right to hold the inaugural National Seafood Industry Conference to the newly established South Australian seafood industry body, the Seafood Council (SA) Ltd. In recognition of the advantages gained from hosting a national industry conference, ASIC and the Seafood Council (SA) formed a partnership to progress and manage the conference.

Timing of the event was organized to coincide with Tasting Australia, a major bi-ennial food promotion to be held during October 1999. The natural synergy between holding the conference followed by a significant presence at Tasting Australia offered significant marketing and profiling opportunities to overseas and interstate buyers, international media and approximately 40,000 consumers who were expected to attend the event.

Final Report • 2017-09-29 • 182.63 KB
1999-340 Seafood conference guide.pdf


The Australian Seafood Industry Council (ASIC) recognised the need to hold a conference and showcase the advances of the industry in recent years, in terms of quality, training, environmental performance and the institutional framework for efficient fisheries management.

As well as this there is and was the need to promote the domestic consumption of Australian seafood by highlighting the health benefits of the product.

Tasting Australia, a major food promotion occurred during October 1999 and offered significant marketing opportunities from overseas and interstate buyers to the industry, as well as an international media contingency, plus approximately 40,000 consumers who attended the event.

The natural synergy between holding the conference followed by a significant presence at Tasting Australia allowed the Seafood Industry to achieve its strategic objectives.

During the week prior to the conference Adelaide hosted the 3rd International Lobster Congress. The timing of all these events offered a wide range of industry members the opportunity to participate.

The opportunity to provide national recognition for Australia’s seafood industry to highlight the true value of its members and their operations was facilitated through the events and the presence of critical industry mass.

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