Project number: 1999-342
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $44,940.00
Principal Investigator: Graeme Peacock
Organisation: Ruello and Associates Pty Ltd
Project start/end date: 5 Jan 1999 - 17 May 2000


Given the many changes to the business environment and eating habits in Perth since the National Fish Consumption Study, particularly over the past year, there is a great need for up to date reliable information on the consumption of seafood in Perth to comprehend and overcome this reported downturn in seafood retail sales and for long term planning for the producers and marketers of seafood.

This information would also allow industry to make better use of the States underutilised finfish particularly the species coming to Perth from remote areas such as the North West Shelf which are currently not fetching high prices. With the growing number of Asian fish shops in Perth and the growing interest in ethnic foods, import replacement with local underutilised species is of great importance.

Australia as a whole can benefit from the results of this research because this study can be directly compared with a similar study being conducted in Sydney by Ruello & associates (FRDC 98/345). The results of the two studies in the west and east can then be used by other states in between the two seaboards.

This Western Australian project is best regarded as an extension to the Sydney FRDC 98/345 project. It is intended that the Perth study can start in January 1999 so that interviews are conducted at the same time in Perth and Sydney so that we have uniform seasonal data on both sides of the continent.

The development of a simple guide on where and how to target advertising will be a first for the Australian seafood industry. It will prove to be a valuable tool for industry sectors all around Australia and will encourage and assist the retail sector to advertise their business and their products


1. To measure and in-home and out of home consumption of seafood in Perth:* examine the species and volumes purchased by consumers* examine the factors influencing consumer decisions to buy/not buy* propose actions which can be taken to increase the sale and consumption of Australian seafoods, particularly underutilised species, in a profitable manner for both the producers and retailers.* produce a simple guide on how to target advertising to enhance seafood sales

Final report

ISBN: 0-9577695-55
Author: Graham Peacock
Final Report • 2000-03-30 • 6.97 MB


This study was initiated in response to industry requests for information on the consumption of fish and seafood in Perth, because of widespread concerns about static or declining sales levels, to provide recommendations on how to increase retail sales profitably. It was designed to repeat much of the 1991 National Seafood Consumption Study (NSCS) so as to examine changes in fish/seafood consumption and retailers and consumers attitudes to fish and seafood since then. 

The study was undertaken in parallel with a research project on retail sales, seafood consumption and consumer attitudes in Sydney which started several months earlier. This report details the findings from three focus group discussions with Perth consumers in February 1999, a total of 430 interviews on out of home consumption and 461 interviews on in home consumption and consumers attitudes. It also records the results of a study of consumers’ awareness of seafood advertising and the reaction to selected promotional posters and statements and has a guide designed to assist retailers to plan and execute targeted advertising and other promotional exercises.

Keywords: seafood consumption, Perth, promotion guide.

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