Project number: 2001-238
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $110,403.00
Principal Investigator: Ian Knuckey
Organisation: Fishwell Consulting Pty Ltd
Project start/end date: 24 Apr 2001 - 9 Jan 2007


To achieve the complementary outcomes of sustainability and economic benefits to the stakeholders in the SEF, a whole of chain approach to R&D is required (which is in accordance with government direction on R&D planning). Current practice focuses on the biology and fishery management which has precluded more innovative ways of adding value. Following a workshop held in November 1999 (Canberra) a recommendation was made that FRDC develop a subprogram to support the industry development component of R&D for the SEF. This application will develop the subprogram over the next year and produce a Strategic Plan that incorporates a whole of chain approach.


1. Coordinate the FRDC SEF Subprogram (applications, workshops, communication)
2. Conduct an annual research workshop to present research outcomes from the subprogram and to define research objectives for subsequent years.
3. Facilitate travel of industry representatives and the subprogram leader to biannual steering committee meetings.
4. Coordinate the preparation of a Subprogram newsletter, media releases, and workshop publications.
5. Integrate with other FRDC and externally funded SEF projects to ensure maximum leverage of industry funds and avoid duplication.

Final report

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