Project number: 2008-227
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $349,999.00
Principal Investigator: David Ellis
Organisation: Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna Industry Association
Project start/end date: 16 Feb 2009 - 16 Dec 2012


This Project is essential for the development of a cohesive research and development approach aimed at meeting the priority needs of the SBT
Ranching Industry. The industry has developed rapidly since its initiation in 1990 and has the opportunity to continue to do so; however targeted research and development is needed to underpin this development and to assure the long-term sustainability of the industry in an increasingly competitive international market.This project provides the basis for the reinvigorated SBT Research Program.

The SBT Research Programincludes a management structure to oversee the active research projects and ensure they
1. achieve the desired outcomes;
2. provides a focused strategy for disseminating research results to industry and obtaining feedback;
3. define research priorities
4. ensures that the minimum level of duplication occurs in the provision of research services;
5. provide a focus for SBT ranched research and sucessional planning of key persons;
6. addresses industry priorities by establishing a mechanism to empower industry's involvement in their research;
7. establishes a framework to ensure that SBT ranched research is orderly and targeted;
8. disseminates, where appropriate, research information to stakeholders.

Opportunities also exist for the development of further research proposals targeted at other research and development funding agencies (eg.
ARC Linkage, AusIndustry and DAFF 9Program to replace Food Processing Regional Australia Program ). These research proposals will address research priorities as defined in the FRDC SBT Aquaculture (Wild- Capture) Strategic R&D Plan – Towards 2012: Striving for a Profitable and Sustainable Future.


1. Strategic Planning: provide a coordinated research and development program addressing the focus areas of the FRDC SBT Aquaculture (Wild- Capture) Strategic R&D Plan – Towards 2012: Striving for a Profitable and Sustainable Future. Review and update the R&D Plan on an annual basis.
2. Administration: coordinate and manage project, subprogram and program milestones, variations, budgets, communications and meetings relevant to the SBT Aquaculture Subprogram.
3. Information Technology Transfer: disseminate information to faciliatate the uptake and commercialisation of research outcomes via newsletters, an annual industry conference (including published Conference Proceedings), industry workshops, meetings with individual companies and a regularly updated website.

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