Project number: 2016-262
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $40,000.00
Principal Investigator: Marshall Betzel
Organisation: Queensland Seafood Marketers Association Inc (QSMA)
Project start/end date: 29 Dec 2016 - 30 Jul 2017


Although a $2.7 billion industry,the Australian Seafood lags behind otherp rimary producers in its ability to centrally organise, market and represent itself to consumers,regulators and the general public.

There remains a strong need for seafood producers (fishers and farmers) to understand the curren seafood market, supply chainand advances in product development and marketing.

A marketing symposium would provide industry with an update on the current trends and approaches, it would further benefit industry by benefit industry by:

1. Informing participants how effective marketing works
2. Inspiring participants with practical examples of effective marketing they could apply at a sector, category or company level.
3. Showcase examples of effective marketing for domestic demand, export, trade and industry goodwill
4. Identify and explain new marketing channels and the opportunities they present
5. Demonstrating how to incorporate a systematic approach to developing a brand
6. Identifying meaningful and distinct consumer markets through market segmentation

It is clear that the priority audience for the symposium are fishers and farmers looking to improve their profitabulity


1. Create and promte a 1 day marketing symposium

Final report

Author: Marshall Betzel
Final Report • 2017-09-29 • 376.07 KB


The initial proposal to hold a marketing symposium in Queensland was based on the need to bring Industry together with particular reference to the post-harvest sector to provide, exchange and discuss information in an open forum regarding trends and/or needs in the existing value chain process which will lead to product reaching its market in ultimate post-harvest condition and value. Concepts of market brands, brand orientation, consumer trends, market segmentation, packaging and distribution were all key elements of the symposium subject matter.

One of the key messages that resonated strongly throughout the symposium was that as an industry, we don’t communicate with consumers or the community in general about how sustainable Queensland Seafood is or its value in terms of nutrition and wholesomeness. Similarly, the sustainability message of how our industry operates is also absent in our marketing.

There was a strong consensus amongst the delegates that these areas should be addressed, and that perhaps the central theme of the next symposium should be what effective strategies and methods should we as an Industry consider in engaging and creating awareness within the community as to our high level of sustainable practice and social responsibility.  

Project products

Presentation • 27.04 MB


Presentations by the following presenters are available to download as PDF:

  • Hayley Abbott
  • John Connelly
  • Chanel Day
  • Claire McAsh
  • Chris Calogeras
  • Sam Gordon
  • Alan Adams
  • Peter Horvat
  • John Sussman
  • Arthur Raptis
  • Ben Hale

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