Project number: 2018-110
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $44,400.00
Principal Investigator: Kevin Cooper
Organisation: Kevin Cooper
Project start/end date: 19 Aug 2018 - 27 Jun 2019


The project will support the development of a structured ans systematic approach the ongoing development of the NCCP Operations Strategy. IN so doing it will inform the development of tactical and strategic decisions underpinning the success of the plan, enhance governance for the NCCP roll out, development documentation to support operational efficiency and effectiveness whilst ensuring WHS for all personnel, staff and the community, enhance the relevance of systems needed to underpin the NCCP operations strategy and realise the benefits of rehearsals and simulations.


1. 1. To provide a frame or scope for the NCCP Operations Strategy to ensure operational alignment with existing national and State operational systems and best practice
2. 2. To review the NCCP Operations Strategy and the associated strategic risk assessment to achieve the above
3. 3. To identify, scope, and draft (based on expertise) relevant operations systems and policy content for the NCCP Operations Strategy.
4. 4. To participate and assist in NCCP operational workshops and scenarios

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