Published: 21 June 2021 Updated: 7 November 2023
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Recreational fishing research

Australia’s recreational fishing sector is large (3-5 million participants), diverse, geographically spread and represent a variety of aspirations and motivators for how they interact with fish populations. The sector has many ecological, social, and economic challenges that require targeted research, development, and extension (RD&E) to identify solutions and deliver mutually beneficial outcomes for fish populations and the recreational fishing community. 

One of the ways the FRDC addresses the needs of Australia’s recreational fishing sector is through the national recreational fishing Coordination Program, which is managed by a subcommittee of the Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation. 

The recreational fishing Coordination Program has an important role in identification of research, development and extension priorities for the sector. This helps to ensure that FRDC’s investments are well-targeted, leading to increased benefit to the Australian community. The related projects below are FRDC funded research that improve knowledge and drive recreational fishing outcomes. 

FRDC Management Contacts

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